Baby Steps Thrown Out With Bathwater

Idaho State Rep Learns To Love The Gays, Tearfully Votes To Deny Them Rights

Too bad, so sad
The Idaho House’s State Affairs Committee voted Thursday to kill a bill that would have provided statewide housing and employment protection for LGBT people by adding the words “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” to the state’s Human Rights Act (which ...
  it's a police world; the rest of us just pay taxes

Giant Baby Cop Can’t Use His Big Boy Words, Uses Handcuffs Instead

this logic has the elegant symmetry of a circle
In San Francisco, Jami Tillotson, a deputy public defender, was in the hallway outside the courtroom when a plainclothes officer began to question her client. When the officer attempted to take pictures of her client with no explanation and for no apparent reason, she objected, and was, for ...
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Attention Beta Males: Chuck C. Johnson Answering Your Questions About How To Date Hot Asian Ladies

Hi, Chuck C. Johnson here. So many of you were talking on Twitter yesterday about my terrific insights on dating and finding love that I decided to open it up into an entire advice column. Like Ann Landers, but smarter and more handsome and ginger-y, and of course with a hot Asian wife because ...
  the halls of injustice

Michigan Teabagger Cites Magna Carta, Eternal Rights Of Man In Epic Fight Over Seating Chart

taken before the day everything changed...
Do you sometimes feel like the standard tea party characters are growing a little stale? Are you tired of the Crowders? The Kincannons? The Paranoid Ginger Wooly Willies? I mean, don’t get me wrong. Those guys are great, especially if you’re looking for racist murder fetish material. But ...
  Rarely Is It Asked: Is Our State Legislators Learning?

SC Republican Just Wants Judges To Pass Religious Test, What’s Wrong With That?

He has a gun, let's vote for him!
South Carolina state Rep. Jonathon Hill is just an inquisitive guy who wants to be well-informed about state judicial candidates. That’s the only reason he sent a questionnaire just crawling with completely unconstitutional questions to candidates for judgeships. In South Carolina, judges ...
  Killing in the Name of Dumb

Texas Republican Knows Teachers Need To Do A Little Killing Sometimes, For The Kids

Texas by way of Nevada.
Texas state Rep. Dan Flynn (R-No duh) has introduced the illiterately named Teacher’s [sic] Protection Act, though no word yet on who that single teacher is exactly. The bill would authorize teachers — who, unless you forgot, are already authorized to carry loaded guns in Texas ...

Mitt Romney Decides He’s Cool With Losing White House Just The Two Times, Thanks

We are all sad today
Mitt Romney has decided to deprive U.S. Amercians of the pleasure of kicking his ass a third time, the selfish bastard. Typical. On a conference call with Ann and his “supporters” (most of whose names end in “Romney,” we are pretty sure), Mitt explained why after all ...
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Classy Australian Obituary Calls ‘Thorn Birds’ Author Fat, Ugly, National Treasure

Hot priest sex!
So here’s a tip for obituary writers: If you’re writing a big piece on one of your country’s most famous writers, and it’s going to run under the headline “A TRUE NATIONAL TREASURE,” you just might not want to lead off your remembrance by calling said author ...
  All Dots Connected

CA Dad Would Like Anti-Vaxxers To Stop Trying To Kill His Son

It's your right to make everyone around you sick
Not only is refusing to get your kids vaccinated aggressively stupid, it’s also exceedingly selfish, a fact anti-vaxxers will have a hard time dismissing now that 6-year-old leukemia patient Rhett Krawitt has come to national attention. His father is asking the school district to require ...
  Your Morning Maddow

Morning Maddow: Egad, The RNC Still Has A Religious Bigotry Problem? (Video)

Two very expressive letters
Rachel Maddow brings us an update on the Republican National Committee’s plans to take a free trip to Israel, paid for by the American Family Association, home of Bryan Fischer, one of the most prominent wackadoodles in rightwing media. This is sort of a perplexing choice by the RNC, ...
  No Erasies White Magic Also Too

VA Legislators Call Backsies, Black Magic, 123 No Takebacks On Gun Bill

Not related to the story but CUTE.
Should stalkers, domestic abusers, and sexual batterers be allowed to buy and own guns? For several Republicans on the Virginia Senate Courts of Justice Committee, the answer is a resounding NO, followed by a YES, then a WHOOPS, then NO again: On Monday, Favola’s bill [to prohibit gun ...
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Crazy Anti-Energy Drinks Lady Horning In On Nice Texas Bigots’ Anti-Muslim Protests

She is TRYING to save America
Great Christian Patriot Hero Crazy Lady Christine Weick is saving America, y’all, from energy drinks and gays and Muslims. Especially the Texas kind. On Thursday, when some Texas Muslims tried to pass as Texas Muslims by holding their creeping Sharia annual event, code-named Texas Muslim ...
  Nice piece of grift ya got there

Daily Caller Dude Suddenly Realizes Sarah Palin Is Dumb And Terrible, Would Like A Medal Please

Some “writer” at Tucker Carlson’s interwebs home for keyboard-banging anger bears has made an amazing discovery. And that discovery is that Sarah Palin sucks, maybe? In a column cleverly titled “You Betcha I Was Wrong About Sarah Palin” at the Daily Beast — ...
  Somehow Forgot To Leave Out A Bowl Of Communion Wafers

Muslim Texans Singing (American) National Anthem Shouted Down By The *Real* Patriots

She seems nice
Thursday was “Texas Muslim Capitol Day,” an annual event held to encourage Muslim Texans to visit the state capitol in Austin and learn about state government and how to meet with lawmakers and such. Which means, of course, that a few Patriotic TexAmericans decided that the Muslims ...
  That pesky First Amendment

Florida School Board May Just Give Up On Distributing Bibles. Thanks, Satanic Temple!

Harder than you'd think!
You might recall how the Orange County School District in Florida was forced to delay — forever, apparently — its annual “Religious Freedom Day” when local evangelicals distribute Bibles and other religious materials to schoolchildren, because the Satanic Temple planned ...
  Teach A Man To Bloviate And He'll Eat For A Lifetime

Bryan Fischer Was Not Fired From Wingnut Central For Saying Any Of The Following

How can we miss you if you won't go away?
When we heard the news last night that Bryan Fischer was fired by the American Patriarchy Association, our first thought was that it couldn’t have happened to a nicer wingnut. Our second thought was that this could be really bad for Yr. Wonkette, as a casual search through the archives ...

Megyn Kelly To Mike Huckabee: We’re Just Whoring It Up All Over The Place At Fox News!

Sometimes Megyn Kelly does a thing where we don’t hate her, and then we write “Megyn Kelly did a thing and we didn’t hate her” and the commenters go URGGGH UGHHHH WHY CAN’T YOU BE MORE VENGEANCIER WE HATE YOU FOR NOT HATING HER REEDUCATION CAMPS FOR MEGYN KELLY AND ...
  Papa Bear versus Mama Grizzly

Bill O’Reilly And Sarah Palin Engage In War Of Wits. Both Lose

Sore loser, winner, whatever
Who would win a battle o’ the brains: Bill O’Reilly or Sarah Palin? Ha, that’s a trick question because the correct answer is “Who cares? Just pass the popcorn!” The other day, Bill O’Reilly, winner of all the Very Serious Journalism awards, reported that ...
  pee-drinkin' patriots

Todd Starnes Has Some Thoughts On American Jesus We Mean American Sniper

I see dead people.
Here’s a true story about Todd Starnes. Recently, I was at a party and mentioned that I was writing about Todd Starnes. The person I was talking to didn’t quite know who Todd Starnes was until I said, “People make jokes about him drinking pee on Twitter. Pee jokes guy. Big ...
  A Noun A Verb The Constitution

Rand Paul Has A Shotgun For Your Drone, Buddy

you just keep your drones offa my lawn!
Rand Paul has some important thoughts about privately owned drones: He will blow them away with the Constitution and a shotgun. CNN did something they called a “Historic Snapchat Interview” with Rand Paul, using a popular phone app, which was such a huge success that to allow people ...
  Lock them in their ladyhouses

Parties Are For Boys, Sleepovers Are For Girls. At College.

Lol wut? A sleepover?
After a period of panic, soul-searching, anger, relief, and then a huge hangover following last fall’s scrutiny of its fraternity system, the University of Virginia this week lifted its suspension of fraternity and sorority activities. By “fraternity and sorority activities,” ...
  Virginia Really IS for Lovers This Time

Judge Rules Same-Sex Couple Can Now Violate Sanctity Of Birth Certificate

Equal Parts Right & Rights
For the easily outraged, the only thing rivaling the “Sanctity of Marriage” is the “Sanctity of Official State Documents.” So the following Nice Time story will provide a respite from perpetual intolerance veiled in bureaucracy. Maria and Joani Hayman are parents of one-year-old twins. Joani ...